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I heartily welcome to Prof (Dr.) R.L. Godara, Vice Chancellor, Hemchadracharya North Gujarat University, Patan, Shri Kaushikbhai Modi, Mamlatdar & Executive Magistrate, Chanshama. It feels me immense pleasure while introducing “Shri Chanshma Patan Taluka Gram Vikas Higher Education Trust, Palasar.” It is very well said that when a person dreams something with a noble cause, it will be a grand success. Here, while introducing the trust let me state that it was established with the cause of social welfare for the upliftment of the youth of the rural area of Chanshma Taluka.

A lady with a dream for the well being of her mother land came to the native place from Mumbai and planned to make the area vibrant and live. The seed of the dream was concretized in the forms of “Shri Chanshma Patan Taluka Gram Vikas Higher Education Trust in 1990” Late Smt Parvatiben Ramchandbhai Patel widely known as Parvatiba initiated the existence of Smt P.R. Patel Arts College in 1992 on the self finance base and the initiative was positively acclaimed by the population of the village and the surrounding villages and from here, the journey towards the Higher Education in thoroughly Rural area started. The dream came true and the college started its academic activities in the Lanva ITI building. With help of donation, the college building was erected during the course of time and the newly built building came in to existence in June, 1993. The college received the grant in 1997 and the economical burden of the trust was reduced. In the year, 1995 the institute started Smt Jyotsanaben Prahladbhai computer centre in the campus. As an educational institute, the management was always in the process of development of the campus and the youth of the area. As a result of conscious endeavors, the management was able to start the B.P. Ed and C.P. Ed College in the campus in 1997. In the consequent years the management felt the need of Hostel for boys and girls. Shri Ramchandrabhai Patel, President of the trust tried his best and worked day to night to provide the facility of better education to the area. His positive attitude fetched the unity of the villages and the village people supported his noble cause. He was equally supported by Shri Kashibhai Patel, an active member of the trust. In the year 2003, the trust proposed to establish a PTC college. As I mentioned before, the development of the campus was such, the proposed plan soon idealized with the donation of 11,00,000/- and Smt Gangaben Kantibhai Acidvala PTC college came in the existence. The management was always thinking in the development of the Rural India and in the year 2004, it started the Study Centre of Baba Saheb Ambedkar Open University in the campus. The institute also established Shri R.J. Patel B.Ed college in 2008.

Thus, the management has deep insight for the youth of the area. Now, the campus was vibrant with more than five educational institutes and hostels for the students. Now it sparkled in the meeting of the management that the institute is providing the education of humanities in the area, then what about technical Education. As a result, R.S.Patel Institute of Diploma Engineering and K.K patel MBA/MCA institute came into existence. Shri Ramchandrbhai J Patel, Shri Purushottambhai H. Patel, Late Shri G.D.Patel, Shri Prahladbhai M. Patel took a great labour for bringing out the affiliation with GTU and AICTE. The management is always open hearted in receiving the fair suggestions for the well being of the student fraternity.

Besides academic activities, the trust has a deep concern towards the culture and traditions of the area. The Trust regularly arranges the religious programmes such as Gyan Yagna, Holy Preachings of saints, The classes of art of leaving, honouring the senior citizens of the area and many more. In a nutshell, the trust has tried its best to serve the society by lightening the lamp of education in the area.

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